Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Microwaves and Static Electricity

Lizzy731 started a thread on Children with Diabetes (click here for the thread) where she shares her experience that the PDM lost the communication link to the OmniPod. She was administering a bolus while standing very close to a microwave oven in use. She called customer service and they helped isolate the microwave as the most possible cause. After changing the pod, everything was OK.

Another user shared an experience that static electricity can also be a potential cause of failure. They shared the experience that their child was sliding with the pod located on the child's backside when it stopped working. Lots of static electricity on slides!


Anonymous said...

My son Austin (3) started using the Omnipod on 1/19/09 and today a pod failed, and the rep at Insulet said Static Electricity was the culprit. He was riding around our living room on a toy train (with wheels) wearing socks. Our heater is on and it is a bit dry here, so it makes sense. Beware Static!

Anonymous said...

on our sencond "demo" omnipod and it alarmed for an unknown reason, could it be static? Both times it happened when coming in from the cold. No answers fron omnipod yet!