Monday, November 5, 2007

Changing My First Pod

This afternoon, I heard a beeping sound. It took me a little while to find that the sound was coming from the pod installed on my stomach. I didn't realize the pod also contained a speaker. Cool!  I turned on the PDM, which also started beeping at me, and learned that the alarm was warning me that the pod would need to be replaced in a few hours.

That evening, the pod beeped at me again telling me three days was up and it was time to install a new pod. I slowly started peeling the adhesive tape away from my skin. There was some pain as I peeled it away. A small price to pay for only having to give myself one shot every three days. (Note to Self: Keep the pod away from places with lots of hair). I was surprised to see that the cannula was 9mm long.

To install a new pod, I just followed the instructions on the PDM. With an alcohol prep pad, I cleaned a new site on the other side of my stomach. I then filled the pod with 200 units of insulin, pushed next on the PDM to prime the pod, removed the adhesive backing on the pod, placed the pod on my stomach, pushed next again on the PDM to activate the pod, waited a few seconds, and "pop!" the cannula was inserted and pumping insulin again.

See how it works on Omnipod's website.

Again, Youtube user cyclicpitcher has more guts than me in showing the world his abdomen. Check out his video on removing the pod.

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