Monday, January 7, 2008

Insulet's OmniPod(R) Personal Diabetes Manager to Integrate DexCom Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology

Insulet and Dexcom just announced a development agreement to integrate Dexcom's continuous glucose meter into the OmniPod. As described in their press release...
" they have signed a development agreement to integrate DexCom's continuous glucose monitoring technology into the wireless, handheld OmniPod System Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM). In addition to programming the patient's insulin delivery, the PDM with integrated DexCom technology will receive and display continuous glucose readings from DexCom's wearable sensor transmitter. Patients using the integrated system will have access to real-time glucose values and trended glucose information, as well as alarms to warn patients if glucose levels are rising or falling...

...Development, clinical and regulatory efforts are expected to continue throughout 2008, with an anticipated product launch in mid-2009.

The PDM with integrated DexCom technology will broaden Insulet Corporation's portfolio of diabetes management products. The development agreement between Insulet and DexCom also contemplates further work by Insulet and DexCom towards development of a closed-loop system.

The agreement is non-exclusive and does not impact any of Insulet's existing third party development agreements."

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Looking for Volunteers in a Market Research Study

UPDATE: The marketing research company has completed their research and they do not need any more volunteers. Thanks to all those who volunteered.

I was just contacted by a pharmaceutical marketing research company that is looking for 3 or 4 patients that have been recently diagnosed (within the past year) with diabetes and have started on the OmniPod Insulin Management System. Interviews last about 30 minutes and each patient will receive a $125 check for their time. If you qualify and are interested, send me an email ( with your contact information and I will forward it on to the research company.