Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Unpacking the Shipping Box

A few days ago, an Insulet representative contacted me and informed me that my insurance had approved my OmniPod. I received a box in the mail a few days later. I opened the box with excitement. Inside the box was the Omnipod Insulin Management system packed inside a large leather case. The leather case contained the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager), 2 pods, a user manual, a quick start guide, and a CD with an interactive training program for the computer. Three boxes of pods (each containing a month supply of pods) an Abbott Freestyle blood glucose meter and a custom case for the PDM were also packaged inside the shipping box.

Leather Case

Inside the Leather Case

Box containing the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager)

The PDM and 2 pods

One month supply of pods

I spent the evening watching the tutorials on the CD, reading the manual, and setting up the PDM with the settings I would use.  My appointment with Omnipod's CDE was scheduled for a day and half later.  It seemed easy enough that I considered started using it right then.  My common sense prevailed and I decided to wait.

YouTube user cyclicpitcher posted this video documenting his experience unpacking his Omnipod.

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