Friday, March 28, 2008

Tips and Tricks for New Users

Carly at started on the OmniPod at the same time I did. I just found her blog and she has some great tips for new users.
+ When filling a new Pod, you do not have to put in a full 200 units. No one mentioned this to me, and I did not stop doing so until I realized I was going through my Humalog bottles like crazy. Just put in what you typically use in 3 days plus about 10 units.
+ After you fill the Pod and it primes itself, I like to use a Q-Tip to gently absorb any insulin that has leaked out into the window area. If you leave the moisture in there, it can make the site swollen and uncomfortable later.
+ There are some back up supplies you should always carry: 2 spare Pods, vial of insulin, backup insulins (I carry one Humalog and one Lantus pen), pen needles or syringes, alcohol or prep wipes, glucose tablets, a spare lancet. Of course you always need your main squeeze (the PDM), finger poker, and test strips. I keep all of this in a clear makeup case that I bought at Target, with my Medical ID card from Omnipod visible.
+ I have found that using alcohol wipes to prep the site preferable to the "IV Prep" wipes recommended by my doctor. The Pod is much stickier with alcohol.
+ I have been successful wearing the Pod on my...abdomen (avoiding the ribs and not within 2 inches of the belly button), upper arms (facing downward on tricep), lower back (can be difficult with jeans).
+ I cannot seem to find a viable site on my thighs. My CDE said to choose a site where you can "pinch an inch" of fat, and it seems to be a useful rule.

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Person400 said...

has anybody ripped off their pod simply by dressing? If so, have you got any suggestions for some bandage that might cover the entire pod and eliminate that gap problem between the adhesive and the pod itself?